We've been to Alaska before, both by cruising and Motorhome.  This time we got a very attractive invitation through the "Travel with Alan" organization.  As an added bonus, he was going to escort this trip personally and we could disembark in Victoria which is only 11 miles from Port Angeles, our home. This was the first trip after my illness so it was sort of a trial run to see how I would do?

We started in Seattle, went north as far as Anchorage and then slowly back to Seattle which was the normal disembarkation port.  I didn't take pictures at all ports but we stopped in Anchorage, Kodiak and Homer as well.

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Downtown Ketchikan

Can you see Neil?

Ship docks right in town
Local Totem Park

Totem Video

Juneau and Surroundings

Juneau is the Capitol of Alaska and not the largest city.  It has the unique distinction that no roads lead to it; you can only access via sea or air. This is true for Ketchikan and Icy Point as well.  In fact most SE cities in Alaska have no roads to them so thats why the pier is right in town so goods being shipped are easy to get to.

Across from the dock, downtown

ApproachingHubbard Glacer

Salmon hatchery
Mendenhaul Glacer

Near Mendenhaul Glacier
Famous Red Dog Saloon. Video

Red Dog Saloon
Marsha, right center, at Red Dog Saloon
Red Dog Saloon

Icy Point

Icy Point is a former cannery owned by the Hoonah Nation.  Quiting operation in the 1950's they decided to turn the area into a tourist destination particularly for cruise ships.  It boasts many of the activities that modern visitors are expecting.  This was our first time to this island and very enjoyable.

Layout of Icy Point,  Hoonah Nation
Rentals for tourists
Near Zip line

Six wide Zip line
Rental cottages on water
Neil ready to reboard at Icy Point

Salty Dog, Homer, Alaska.  Another famous watering hole. Salty Dog.  Yes, that's currency
Salty Dog

Marsha went Kayaking; 37 degree water
Ships crew visiting Icy Point
Aquarium, local sea life


Video: Raptor Center
Wingspan up to 14 feet

Stormy day in Sitka
Fortress of the Bears
Fortress of the Bears

On the ship

Dinner partners from Dallas, Tx.

At sea.  Marsha's trinkets

Reboarding at Homer

Video: Our partner, Peggy had a birthday

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