On October 21st Marsha and I took a five day trip to the Bahamas. She won an OLYMPUS camera sales contest and the reward was an expense paid cruise on the CARNIVAL "Ecstasy". She felt sorry for me so she took me along. I took my GPS receiver just in case the captain got lost! Below is the route taken.

Most of us on the west coast don't understand the geography of the east so the map keeps things in perspective. Nassua is about 175 miles from Miami as the Sea Gull flys. The route of the "Ecstasy" is shown in red. If your interested; learn more about the ship.

Besides downtown Nassua, we went to a small island located about 4 miles northwest of Paradise island called "Blue Lagoon". It was a nice place to enjoy the white sand beach, lay in the sun and snorkel. They filmed Gilligan's island here. Sting Ray City is nearby but was closed because of the recent hurricane damage. It would have been nice to swim with the rays but we at least did some snorkeling in the warm water. This island is a training site for Dolphins For $110 you can swim with them and let them carry you across the pool but it was too steep ($) for my blood.

Our impressions of the Bahamas were very favorable. We hope to return someday to take greater advantage of the water sports and investigate the old pirate legends that are common in the area. The Bahamas are becoming very commercialized with modern resorts such as Disney's Atlantis. Too bad because it's a lovely place. What I really enjoyed was the steel drum music such as those to the left. Bands were common in town and aboard ship.
The new "Disney" cruise ship comes into port at least once a week.

We would have taken more pictures but we were having camera problems.



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Last revised: April 08, 2000.