Ham Radio involvement
June 8, 2008 Olympic Discovery Marathon

Event came off without fuss.  Weather was dry but on the cold side.  Runners loved it particularly after last year. Pace was slower than normal by about 10 minutes.  Full marathon Relay team came in ahead of single runners this year which is a first.... must be training better?

Nita, Rik, MP20
Nita, KE7DRT and Rik, WX7RIK. Milepost 20
College Girls Basketball Team
PC Girls basketball team at AID station

Rik, WX7RIK; Nita, KE7DRT; David, KE7TTT; Bud, KE7IWO

Marsha, KA7CSZ; Neil, WA7NBF

Ruth, (?); Donald, KC7LTW; Marsha, KA7CSZ

Last updated: 06/9/08