Big gun-Ft. Flagler

International FOXHUNT weekend
Saturday, May 14, 2011
Ft. Flagler State Park

Last revised: May 21, 2011

Across street from museum

Summary of Hunt:

We had a nice sunny day with a total of ten participants, nine of which were active.  They were: Alan, N7OMS; Chuck, AC7QN; Ron, N7EM; Rich, KR7W; Paul, W7PV; Neil, WA7NBF; Joe, K7ZG; Pat, WT7N; Dave, N7ORM and  James, KE6WHN.

As planned, four 2 meter transmitters were placed.  Ron found his first ever while checking out his newly built attenuator.  Several of us made good use of "body shielding" to finalize location of Rich's and Paul's foxes.  The location of Rich's on the bluff edge made for some interesting bearings.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves with a few camping overnight.  Evening rain may have put a damper on an otherwise great weekend for some.  I think the general consensus is that Ft. Flagler is a great area with many interesting relics along the way to make your search more interesting. 

We look forward to the Tacoma hunt on July 16th and are holding August 28th open for a hunt somewhere in Western Washington.  Let me know if you have some ideas and want to get involved in setting it up?  More later.

Photos courtesy of Paul, W7PV.

Planning information:

Ft. Flagler is an outstanding salt water marine park with 3.5 miles of beach and fine camping.  It has old gun emplacements and many bunkers to explore.  A popular place so if you plan on camping, register early.  It's large at 784 acres but  "foxes" will be found only on the NE end for this hunt, (see map).

A more advanced hunt may be planned here on August 28, 2011 for those wanting to make future plans or camping reservations.


Maps of Hunt area:

A PDF map showing roads, trails and boundary with True North marker is available here.
And a TOPO map here.

Ft. Flagler WEB site: Ft. Flagler