Marsha's Travels to East
Africa (Kenya)

January 2019
Revised: March 10, 2019

Masai Mara Savanna


We had an opportunity to travel to Kenya, East Africa for both humanitarian and pleasure.  Because my health would not warrant rough and long travel, we decided to just have Marsha go.  She's better attuned to this type of trip and mixes well with the local people and the school girls that she would interact with.  She was accompanied by 17 travelers affiliated with Brighton Jones who have invested in the facilities. Photos included are taken by several photographers and agreement was that they could be used by other members but not for commercial purposes.

In time, I'll add a short video and sound clips.  This may take several months.

Dog lovers
Nairobi lodging; ole Serenti hotel faces game park

Traveling buddies on UN grounds
Note crowding & simple facilities

Masai Warrors & sponsors at Mara
Lion's & Hyenas feeding on dead Hippo
Marsha making cooking brickets

Serious issues At guest house

Marsha at UN, Nairobi

Local art at UN facilities

The sounds of the Savanna at night are unbelievable