New Orleans, Caribbean, Belize, Columbia, Panama Canal and up the West Coast to Seattle

April 2018
Revised: 2/19/2019


Neil has been to New Orleans (NO) several times during his career but Marsha has not and was a big fan of programs such as "NCIS New Orleans".  We talked each other into putting it on our "bucket list"  when an opportunity presented itself.  New Orlean's is well known for its Cajun and Creote food as well as its music.  We wanted to experience at least one night of the best of both.

In 2017, we noticed a trip by Norweign Cruise Lines (NCL) that started in NO and ended up in Seattle over a period approaching 30 days.  Ending in Seattle was important to us as we dislike air travel and like to avoid it whenever possible.  Many of the ports would be a repeat as we have been to them before over the past 30+ years but thats OK.  Cozumel and Belize were once favorite dive locations when we were active SCUBA divers.  We're too old for that now but enjoy seeing them again.  It was fun seeing how some of these ports have changed, particularly Cozumel.  Believe me, it was far more attractive in years past being frendlier and innocent.  Americans that have ruined it!

This was the first time on NCL and will probably be the last.  Many things went wrong plus they try to empty your wallet at every opportunity they can.  Health was a big concern as many people on-board ended up sick.  Sanitization for passengers was poorly administered and who knows what went on behind the scenes?  Cruise ships are becoming a cesspool of germs.  Its not just the cruise lines but the public is very careless and uneducated.

New Orleans

One of the best ways to see NO is via streetcar.We stayed on the edge of the French Quarter (FQ), at the French Market Inn which turned out to be right in the expectations  of the FQ.  Everything we wanted to see was either within walking distance or you could ride the streetcar for unlimted use at $2.00/day.  The Riverfront trolly bordered the FQ so we could just jump on if we wanted to go outside the immediate area.  Canal street is the main shopping area and the Garden District has all the southern style homes and Tulane University.  It can be reached from the famous St. Charles Streetcar.  Since my walking ability is limited what better way to enjoy the sights.

A very famous place in NO is Cafe Du Monde which usually only serves Beignets.  A popular french pastry for many years. 

Cafe Du Monde assembly line
Its a coffee shop that only serves Beignets
Powered sugar is messy

Muffuletta is a famous NO sandwitch
Drunkeness is common in NO so its played up as a feature
Mulates-known for Cajun music

Since we've traveled to other areas beyond NO in previous years, I decided not to duplicate them here.  I hope to add videos of NO sights in the future