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In 1992, Neil left TEKTRONIX after 23 years for a more progressive company. He developed telecommunications products and high speed signal digitizers  and was once known as "Mr. Digitizer". They were used to record high energy events in nuclear research, including weapons testing.  When the cold war came to an end, no one wanted to set off anymore nukes! In any case, he wanted to do something different with a better future. Telecom and wireless communications were showing signs of life and caught his attention. TEKTRONIX never had much vision in that area at the time so my future belonged elsewhere.  It turned out to be a wise move.

During this period, Marsha was helping raise our two sons and working in the Special Education department at Newberg H.S., Newberg, Oregon.

In 1992, I got a chance to do some serious original work with radio product and system design. After 26 years in the Portland area and living in the same house for 22, Marsha and I were ready for a change. We moved to Seattle as I accepted a position with McCaw Cellular to form a new product engineering group. McCaw had recently been purchased by AT&T and saw an opportunity in Wireless Local Loop (WLL) technology. AT&T wanted to develop WLL which would compete with the local telephone company. The design was to be within AT&T rather than farming it out. The decision was to set up shop in Seattle. I was employee number 14 and offered the position of Subscriber System Development Manager. I was promoted to Director of Subscriber Systems Development in 1996. We finished our frist trials in Chicago, on time, and had the product deployed in six selected cities in the U.S. when I retired in Feb. 2001. I originally wanted to retire in the year 2000 (turn of the century) but decided to extend it one more year to optimize financial considerations.

AT&T Wireless was later sold to Cingular and then AT&T itself being purchased by SBC which included Cingular.  In short, AT&T was pulled back together again after being rescued by one of the "baby bells".

By retiring early and using cashed out stock options to build our new home, we avoided all the turmoil the company went through.  Hindsight has shown that our timing couldn't have been better. The ownership of all these companies is complex but over several years,  they've stabilized.

Marsha went back to work at a RITZ camera store in Redmond, Washington in the mid 1990's and realized she had talent in sales. Something many of us told her for years. (Yes, she probably could sell an ice box to an Eskimo). She was promoted to open and manage the new Woodinville store in 1998. She took Neil to the Bahamas free of charge in October 1999 as part of her sales awards.

Moving to Port Angeles, 2001, retirement

We started to look for a place to build our retirement home in 1998.  All options were open but we knew we wanted to be around a marine environment.  After narrowing it to the PNW, we found 2 1/2 acres of waterfront West of Port Angeles (PA) and knew the moment we saw it that it was what we were looking for.  We built our new home in 2000.  Marsha left her management position in January 2001 to promote our PA move and prepare our Woodinville house for sale.  I left AT&T in February 2001, taught wireless communications for TRA clients for about a year and then decided to just bum around doing things I've always wanted to do but never had the time.  We've now lived in PA for 18 years.  Its turned out the way we had planned.

Late 2010

Ryan, Marsha and Tyler

The twins, Carter and Emilie

Carter and Emilie had their 4th birthday in early 2011.

Marsha gets down to see them several times a year and Ryan and Jenn came up in 2010.  Its hard to travel with two small ones plus a dog.  We're hoping to get them up this way more often.


Mckenzie in May '08

Our oldest granddaughter is growing like a weed. She and Tyler come up to see us and always enjoy going to the beach.  This has been a trying year for Tyler with the banking industry the way its been, but he's doing OK.  He recently purchased his first home.

Early in 2009 we found a sea going relocation voyage that ran half the price of what I normally target so we couldn't resist.  It started in Rome, Italy and ended in Ft. Lauderdale.  We jumped on board in Civitavecchia after spending several days in Rome.  We ended up a total of 30 days and it was very nice to get away from the cold PNW during early December which had temperatures down to 17 during our absence.  We spent time in the Mediterranean, then the Atlantic south across the equator to Brazil and back up through the Carribean.  You can read more about it here.

Apollo, Neil, Marsha and VoorukaIn October 2010 we took a trip with my sisters family to New Mexico.  The intent was to visit some scenic locations that we had visited when young plus I had a number of customers in the nuclear field during my career at Tektronix.  We timed the trip to visit the "Trinity Site" which was where the first atomic bomb was detonated.  You can read about it here.

Late 2010, Neil went back to the South Pacific on another cruise.  He'd been working on it for 2 years and covered lesser known islands.    This was the answer to a trip he always dreamed about and got a chance to visit the isolated Marquesas Islands.  The trip report can be viewed: Wandering The South Pacific.

Beyond 2010 to present

We'd planned to stay closer to home but as it turns out, we're traveling more.

Early in 2013 we spent time in New York City letting Marsha go to a show or two at Times Square then do the usual tourist things.  At the end of that stop we  hopped on a ship that took us  to the Caribbean, Columbia, Panama Canal, several Central American stops, Mexico and finally end up in Los Angeles. You can see the trip here,

Ryan, Jenn and family in Hawaii
Neil & Apollo

Grandma Mary & Twins
Jenn & Twins
Twins at Alki beach, Seattle

McKenzie 2014? Marsha & Neil + Twins, 2015

In more recent years we've taken a number of addituional cruises and road trips.  CLICK on links for details:

  1. Circle Society Islands, 2015
  2. Alaska 2016
  3. Las Vegas Forensics class 2016

November 2016