Most of us accept that we probably won't live in the most desireable place during our "working" years. Marsha and I reached a point where we wanted more control over this aspect of our lives. I also wanted to try something different in preparation for retirement in the next few years. High energy prices were coming and the average commute time was averaging 2 hours/day. It was time to consider alternatives.

Many prefer to abandon the urban lifestyle with all its problems. Particularly high density living and vehicle traffic. As we "wire" our world, it's encouraging many of us to enjoy a natural uncrowded lifestyle. Telecommuting is the wave of the future for many professions and if you have an occupation that allows it ......enjoy.

We decided to make the plunge. In 1998 we started a search for our "ideal" homesite. We wanted to be near water sports and around a marine environment. We narrowed it to the Pacific Northwest and then Western Washington and found what we were looking for on the North Olympic Peninsula. We purchased 2.5 acres on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We call it Robinwood by the Sea

One of our property lines is part of the International border. We are 4.8 nautical miles from Canadian waters at which point the depth is 480 feet. The main maritime traffic lanes pass right by our house. Its always enjoyable to see what comes in from the high seas. We started construction of our home in March 2000 and completed it in March 2001.


Ediz Hook, Port Angeles

Local Color

Along the beach

To the beach

Map of Olympic

As you can see from the map, Olympic National Park is practically in our backyard. We enjoy the park and western coastal strip. Since I work in the wireless communications field, having good radio propagation for both business and pleasure was key to our plans.

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